Training and Consultancy

Diverse Learners offers  training, interactive workshops and events, speaker engagements and consultancy services to suit you, or your organisation’s needs. This can be delivered in person at your organisation, at an event or via Skype. Training can be given one-to-one, in groups, to teams, or to a large audience.  Kerry and the team at Diverse Learners can tailor the session to the needs of your group or organisation and have expertise in the following areas:

  • Healthcare and disability
  • Practice Placement particularity health and social care
  • Disability awareness training – including deafness
  • Dyspraxia and dyslexia (Specific Learning Difficulties / Differences) awareness training
  • Inclusive practice / Universal design for Learning
  • Training and consultancy in the use of Skype

Kezzer Cheesy Grin BDA


  • Embedding study skills into curriculum, particularly health and social care
  • Inclusive practice and Universal Design for Learning
  • Research projects
  • Supporting students and staff who have dyspraxia / DCD
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Use of Assisitive Technology  for teaching and learning
  • Use of Skype – separate listing


Speaking engagements


Training and interactive workshops

Diverse Learners  receives great feedback about its original training as well as its pre-training liaison and post-training follow up. Always multisensory, it includes interaction, questioning, modelling strategies and resources, facilitating thought-provoking discussion. We seek to get you enjoy thinking and reflecting on challenging issues.

  • Some Simple Solutions – very popular session full of tips, resources, modeling of strategies, sharing of practice and a bag full of resources. So versatile it can be 1 hour or day-long
  • Disability / Dyslexia /Dyspraxia / Deaf awareness
  • Inclusive practice / Universal design
  • Training in the use of Assistive technologies such as  mind mapping
  • Skype – anything and everything, so much it has its own section


Skype-specific training

Kerry has been using Skype to deliver training for 10 years and featured in Skype’s own top 10 companies using Skype

  • Interactive, hands-on learning event for departments and faculties to learn how to use Skype and explore its potential use for learners and staff
  • Training – how to use Skype and its tools
  • Delivering study skills support via Skype – ideal for tutors and disability specialists
  • Using Skype to support learners
  • How to conduct Skype interviews
Cafe-style learning event Training Hull Factulty of Health and Social care

Cafe-style learning event Hull Faculty of Health and Social Care


Skype-specific consultancy

  • How Skype could benefit your organisation
  • Ways of using Skype to support students on placements
  • Benefits for learners, staff and institutions of using Skype to enhance support  for students who have disabilities
  • Use of Skype to enhance student support
  • Research studies involving the use of Skype – advice, problem-solving, troubleshooting, Skype-interviews and sharing experiences of my own Skype-related research
  • Myth-busting – common misconceptions about using Skype
  • A demonstration of Skype in use and how to use its tools
  • Q and A session

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