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These are a set of podcasts hosted by Kerry Pace with NHS staff who share their experiences as people working in different NHS Trusts who have a disability. The podcasts cover a wide variety of topics such as:

Inclusion and exclusion
Reasonable adjustments
Disabled Staff Networks
Impact of COVID
Access to Work
Disclosure / declaration

There will be differences in the way participants refer to their own and others’ disabilities. These differences and the reasons for them are discussed during some podcasts.  

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The podcast project

The podcasts were created by Diverse Learners in partnership with the NHS Workforce Disability Equality Standard  (WDES) team. 

At each stage of the project disabled people were actively involved in decision making, planning and implementation.

This project endeavoured to be as representative as possible by ensuring the voices of different people with different disabilities and intersectionality in varying roles and trusts were included. 

Transcripts are available for each podcast on the podcast platform and if viewed on YouTube there are captions/subtitles. 

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