What students and everyone else feel about working with us

Lucia (midwifery student) “I absolutely would recommend Diverse Learners to anyone, it keeps my stress levels down and re-focuses me. I find it so useful and I’m so grateful I’m able to receive this help. I’ve learnt so many study techniques etc I feel I have improved so much over the last year.”

From Donna Marie, 3rd year nurse (transferred university)  “I feel more at ease now knowing I have your help with next term. New things make me anxious and sessions help a lot. Its absolutely fantastic.

From Jo 3rd year nurse “I don’t know what I would do without Diverse Learners.”

“Diverse Learners have played a pivotal role in supporting me through what has been an  extremely difficult and demanding year of study on me both physically and emotionally. Without their ongoing support  it is certain that I would have left my course. I would wholeheartedly recommend them as a means of support for students who, like me are struggling to manage the balance between their multiple diagnoses and the demands of higher education.” (Amy, OT student 2nd year)

“How comes you always know what to do!!! I swear you are just wonderfully gifted and that’s why I love you guys,” (Karen, 3rd year nurse, on submitting her dissertation after a year out)

“Thank you for being a huge major influence in my life. So grateful” (Tracey, Biomed student)

Kerry thank you so much for earlier, thought about it, – was a bit dramatic lol. Just tired and ready for a little break. Oh and you have been fab the last 6 weeks don’t know how I would of done these essays without your help!!!” (Cat – 3rd year adult branch nursing student)

I submitted my dissertation today! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support throughout my undergraduate degree and my Master’s. I’m so glad I made the decision to switch from having support at university to having it with you back in second year, it really has made such a difference! And not only in terms of studying, but I’ve learnt so many strategies which can be applied to other situations too – so thank you! (Natalie – Masters Psychology OF Education student)


Some students thank us their way

Some students thank us their way (Beki – 2nd year nurse and aspiring midwife)


“Just to let you know I did exactly what you said for the exam (even though in the past I thought doing a plan wasted valuable time) I wrote everything I could think of on the scrap paper then listed it in order. I can’t believe what a difference it made. My answers were logical, in order and I got all the points in.” (Sam – Second year nurse – end of year exams)

“Thank you for last week you made me feel a lot better about that essay and how to implement those improvements in my next essay.” (Vanessa, Post grad student)

@DiverseLearners thank you so so much you’ve helped loads and removed some of my anxiety and worry :) can’t thank you enough” (Louise 3rd year nurse on being identified)

“Speaking sense as always Kerry, why do you always know just what to say?!” ( Laura 3rd year MH nurse)

“Thank you for such positive comments and for speed helping me get on with my portfolio work.” (Lucy PG nurse (OT) 2nd year)

“Received some incredibly detailed help from @DiverseLearners HIGHLY recommend for anyone who’s struggling to revise and has dyslexia”  (Rose – nurse – via twitter)

“I know I couldn’t have anyone better supporting me” – (Laura, nurse accessed Specialist Study Skills, AT tuition,  Tuition and mentoring)

“Received some incredibly detailed help from @DiverseLearners HIGHLY recommend for anyone who’s struggling to revise and has dyslexia”  (Rose – nurse – via twitter)

“Thank you for being supportive and honest throughout our one to one sessions. You have allowed me to openly ask questions and have provided me with some great comments in order to develop my written work. Our Skype meetings have allowed me to set and hit appropriate deadlines within a good time frame and have helped me to organise my remaining time.” (Emma Mclean – 1st year PGCE Post Grad Full Time )

“I wanted to say thanks for your contact it was much appreciated, I had good break from work so happy to return and keen to ensure that I have things in place that will support the workload. You were great at reaching out !!” (Gilly – an Access to Work student we support)


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On confidence building 


“Thank you for your help today. At the start of the session I wanted to leave the course but its’ helped so much that I now believe I can do it.” (Catherine, 2nd year nurse)

“After our first session I felt so positive about myself, the work I had to do and my ability to do it.”  (Chloe 2nd year Art student)

“The most rewarding part for me is having someone else believe in you, enough that it restores all yourself belief enough to want to do more, to achieve… just knowing it is possible.
I could not and would not be the confident person I am today without Kerry Pace -. She helped/guided me through that process and made me see anything was possible. I am very proud of myself and how far I have come. And will always be thankful to Kerry for that guidance.” (Jacquie, OU student )

“You have helped me so much and in so many ways. I am more confident in myself and my abilities. Study has become fun.” (Social Studies student)

“I am so glad I read about Diverse Learners. They’ve educated me in the technology aspect to enhance my course and my on-going learning. I was so dubious of Skype as I had never used it before. I think I took to it like a duck to water. Tutorials via Skype really benefitted me. It was great . Onward and upward.” (Lizzy – OU student)

“Just want to say I think working with you is giving me a lot of self confidence, I am starting to believe that I can do this, thank you.” (Open University student, 1st module)

“Just thought I’d let you know how amazing you all are.” (Karen,  OU student)

“Thanks for opening my window to the world! “- (OU student accessed AT tuition, Specialist Study Skills Tuition)

“Thank you for getting me back on the right track it really helped.

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On improved results 

“My first assignment since study skills started and I have gone from 45% in my first one to 70% in my second :) Very happy, thank you for your continued support.”
(First year Nursing student, mental health branch)

“I got a solid level 7, so I just wanted to say thank you again, even when you were really poorly you spent time looking at it. One more level 7 essay to go!  (Catherine, Oxford Brookes Teaching student Jan 2015)

From Beverley (1st year nurse) who came to us for intense support after failing an exam  ” I just got my result for Skills Dem. I passed!! The pass mark was 20 out of 50 and I scored 35!!

“This Friday was the first Friday I didn’t have a panic attack on a Friday and I feel in most part it is down to you!”  (Physio, final year returning after intercalating)

“You have really, really supported me and helped boost my confidence in many ways and I want to say BIG, BIG thank you for all your support and encouragement!!!” (Marioma – student nurse (mental health), graduated 2013)

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You made me feel better  

“I was at my lowest and just needed Divine intervention from you. You are an amazing teacher.” From Crispin, student social worker

“Thank you for tonight, you’re so positive and funny. I feel much happier after speaking with you” (Post-graduate student, Social Work)

“I have had such a rough few weeks, so it’s good to be doing something that will help me so much. It is thanks to you I have persevered, and have actually found out I can ask for these things” (Cathy 1st year student nurse on using our advice for the needs assessment process)

“Thank you so much for your advice I came out [of the exam] very confident, slept like a log for the first time in weeks and I feel so relieved.” (Sam, final year Nursing student)

“Thanks so much for all your help this week Kerry, its really helped keep me calm and on track :) excited to hand in now tomorrow and have a life again!” (Grace PG SW, 1st, graduated 2015)

“I am SO happy that Michelle from Diverse Learners suggested I get my software training done over Skype as I hadn’t found the time to physically go and have the training. Sarah-Jane was really enthusiastic and really friendly and easy to work with. She has sent me lots of really helpful instruction guides in case I forget how to use anything. It has saved me sooo much time using the software properly after training and I genuinely think my essays have improved since the training. I now use the software every time I sit down to study it’s the first thing I open.” Lucia (midwifery student)

“I have only positive things to say about diverse learners, doing a nursing degree entails long shifts and working unsociable hours. having the support from diverse learners allowed me to have support through Skype at times that fitted around me. I was very scared by doing Skype sessions at first, due to not have very good computer skills, however I was put at ease straight away and only had one hick up due to poor internet connection on my side, through my 2 years of support.

Choosing diverse learners was the best decision I made, I hope that more student nurses who have learning disabilities are directed to you. everyone should be allowed to follow their dreams and have a learning disability should not prevent this.

Thanks again Michelle, hope to see you again when I do my mentorship, and one day do my masters (I would of never said that 2 years ago).” (Sarah – Adult Nursing student)

After graduation

“I have some good news… I found out that I have got a 1st overall for my degree! Thank you again for all your help over the last four years. It was great to have someone who was there when I was struggling, who I felt comfortable talking to and I don’t think I would have done as well without you. My mum says a massive thank you too” (Rory, graduated 2015)


“I will certainly miss our meetings, because although you made me work and think, they were always such fun.  I know I would not  have completed the course without you, you have been such a fantastic support.  You are such a hard task master, when you have to be, but you do it in such a fun way, I really do think at times it must have been like pulling teeth and how you put up with my sulks is beyond me? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (Janet, graduated 2015)

 “On passing! I have learnt a lot from you and appreciate you help and support. You are a pro, and my angel. I look forward to the next time we work together, Many thanks!” (David, graduated, 2015)

“Got to give it to you Kerry your bloody good in what you do.” (Post grad 2015- also accessed support when an  undergrad)

“I’ve done it…whoa…thank you to you , your enthusiasm and support and knowledge…wow ! When I doubted myself your support was the difference! I got a distinction for my diss!”(Carol, Social Work MA, graduated 2014)

“Thank you so much for all your support don’t think I would have got it if it wasn’t for you” (Jess, nursing student, graduated 2014)

“I would never have completed my course without you. “(Nicola, nursing student (child branch) graduated 2013)

“Thank you for the last 3 years – it has been amazing,”  (Kat, graduated 2013 and now her sister accesses support)

“I know I couldn’t have anyone better supporting me. I would have given up without you, Kerry and Andrew.”  (Laura. mental health nurse, graduated 2014)

“You have really, really supported me and helped boost my confidence in many ways and I want to say BIG, BIG thank you for all your support and encouragement!!!” (Marioma – student nurse (mental health), graduated 2013)

“Thank you Kerry for all the support you have given me during my Master degree. Our Skype session was a great bonus as it provided me with the flexibility to assess support after placement and a long day of uni lectures.”

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Feedback from Oxford Brookes University

“We approached Diverse Learners as we were looking for a better way to meet the needs of students who found it difficult to access on-campus support: distance learners, commuters, health-care students on placements. Kerry is an active member of ADSHE with a good reputation so we were confident that her Skype one-to-one study skills sessions would be right for our students. The process of referring our students to Diverse Learners has always run smoothly and they maintain a good level of contact throughout the year. The positive feedback from our students speaks for itself and we continue to offer this service in confidence.”

Fiona Hutchison, March 2015 Adviser for Students with Dyslexia/SpLD, Oxford Brookes University refers students to Diverse Learners

Feedback received on our Training, workshops and Consultancy work

“… In summary. I would recommended Kerry to any professional wanting to embed the use of assistive technology in their learning and development. She will enable you and your team(s) to embrace the use of it!” Sarah Gabbitas, Wolverhampton University Enabling Services on workshop to 25+ disability team via Skype, (2015)

Full review on LinkedIn

“Once again thank you for your enthusiastic and thought provoking presentation – it was thoroughly well received by the staff [Defence School of Transport’s Commandant’s Leadership group] and I particularly enjoyed your presentation style which captivated your audience. As you described at the beginning of your talk your presentation was intentionally intended to be thought provoking and the fact I have middle management here at the school still discussing [1 month later] the issues I think means you achieved your aim – thank you.” Lieutenant Colonel D R H Sunderland Defence of College of Logistics Policing and Administration Defence School of Transport. (November, 2015) 

“Your presentation was so refreshing – using mobile devices makes so much sense and should be used on the wards” (UCD disability services tutor, Ahead, Universal Design Conference, March, 2015)

“I was really scared to put anything on the table cloth but I now think I am a creative person and need to use it more” (Clive, Some Simple Solutions Workshop,” Ahead Professional Development Summer School What is Reasonable for Students with Disabilities June 2015)

“I am addicted to coloured, scented pens – they are so multi-sensory, I really get it now” (Alison, Some Simple Solutions workshop attendee)

“Thanks for an excellent consultation Kerry, followed by ‘compulsory’ cake eating”(“Alice”, August, 2015).

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“Thank you so much for giving up your time to be part of this special project – you were brilliant” (From the OU and Rapp) See the film here

“An excellent presenter and teacher intent in developing the best in her students at all times. Highly knowledgeable and experienced in her field.” (workshop atenddee)

“Thank you very much for the presentation at ADSHE conference yesterday. I really enjoyed your presentation and feel inspired now to explore the use of Skype with some of our distance learners. Thank you, and your colleagues, for this very clear accessible information sent to the ADSHE forum.” (Whole conference presentation to aDSHe, June 2012)

“I am currently using Skype and wanting to encourage others so this has been very helpful indeed.”
(Following a presentation at an HEI)

“Your 5 minute oral bite presentation was fantastic, cannot believe you did a live demonstration as well. Just what I needed to make me give it a try.”
(Following a presentation at an HEI)

“Thank you for a great presentation.”
(Following a presentation at an HEI)

“Thank you for a great day. You have covered everything I needed – and things I didn’t know I needed.”
(Feedback on 1:1 training delivered to a Disability Officer at an HEI)

“The information is excellent.  The process is really clear and simple and that’s exactly what student’s and disability officers want to hear. I think the service your offering is fabulous and just what’s needed to support and encourage independent learners in the SpLD population.” (assessor)


“Kerry was recently kind enough to speak at our annual equality and diversity conference, Opportunity Knocks!Kerry offered her time generously, making the effort to understand the requirements of the event and its delegates. Kerry’s presentation about reasonable workplace adjustments was accessible, honest and full of really good ideas and practical tips to support people in getting things right for everyone regardless of their individual needs. Kerry spent the day with us at the event talking to staff and members of the public (sometimes using British Sign Language!) and everyone was bowled over by her enthusiasm and knowledge. I still have people stopping me to comment on how much they learned from Kerry’s session!I can’t recommend Kerry and Diverse Learners highly enough and look forward to collaborating further at some point in the future!”

(Feedback from Emma after Kerry went to speak at the Opportunity Knocks! conference that Emma helped organised)


Feedback received on vlogs

@DiverseLearners I think your #dyspraxia vlogs are awesome. The simplest of ideas can make all the difference :-)” See vlogs here and the comments on them

“Your videos are a big part of the reason I discovered I was dyspraxic  and I feel a need to say thank you for that. I am extremely grateful to finally have an answer for what I’ve been feeling and going through my entire life. Know that what you are doing with your videos is fantastic and definitely helping people. I can’t begin to explain the relief I feel from knowing there are other people like me out there. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you so much. Your fellow dyspraxic, Mark”

“I thought this is really fab anxiety and dyspraxia video and in particular it relates to me in loads of ways, it is really helpful what I find thankyou x” (Lara)

“I am going to show my family your cutlery video before Christmas dinner so they don’t tease me about getting food down my front – I am going to have the best Christmas ever thanks to this video” (Tom 74)

“You guys just made me cry in a good way. I always felt stupid and I have been teased and bullied for years. I come from a culture that does not acknowledge this condition so when it was suggested i get tested I fell into depression. Thank you so much” – Malama

“Thanks so much for these tips you share with us. Really helpful to understand the mechanics of the brain in dyspraxic people.” – Maria

“I’ve just been diagnosed with Dyspraxia and dyslexia at the young age of 36 so your videos are very helpful thank you” – Naomi

“Wow love your videos guys, am at University and only found out I had Dyspraxia last year (I.e. Also suffer from Anxiety) the videos really help me” – Shohi

“Thank you so much for doing this vid. My daughter deals intensely with anxiety, sometimes we really do not know how to share with her. Wonderful video Phoebe and Kerry!” – Carol

“I’m getting teary. It’s just so amazing to finally find other people who face the same struggle.” – Patia

“Thank you so much for this helpful information. Keep the tips coming please!” – Sandro

BBC Ouch blog Sept 2014

  • I think the service your offering is fabulous and just what’s needed to support and encourage independent learners in the SpLD population. Diane Markham, assessor