Fees and contact information

We specialise in supporting students on health and social care courses and courses with placements and distance learners. As healthcare practitioners trained in disability we are a unique team with expertise in understanding the demands and needs of healthcare settings.
Our sessions are flexible to fit in with family, work, placement and shifts – you can choose different times and different days to fit in with your needs
To help you access support at a time that suits you Diverse Learners is open for appointments and enquiries
9am – 10pm, 7 days a week , all year round 
  • Phone or text 07947325849
  • Email admin@Diverse-Learners.co.uk
  • Twitter @DiverseLearners

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For an overview of our services visit our home page and there is additional information for Needs assessors here

Assessors click on the link below to view Diverse Learners – NMH Rates for Disabled Students Allowances