What is Assistive Technology Training

Diverse Learners provides training on software that enables students to use of their technology. Using your software will make studying easier and more efficient. Jim will teach you in a way that best suits you.

Training will be delivered:

  • in 1 hour slots
  • to match your level of understanding
  • to match your computer literacy
  • to meet the changing demands of your course
  • to show you the same thing as many times as you need

Training via Skype is delivered via the shared screen function on Skype. This means you will be able to see Jim’s screen as demonstrates what the software can do. You will then have the opportunity to try it yourself with Jim guiding you (as you share your screen).

The added benefits of having your training delivered via Skype are:

  • You do not need to have someone in your home
  • You do not need to travel
  • You can do it in the evenings