What is Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support?

Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support delivers a range of strategies and techniques to help you learn more effectively and efficiently.
In short, to do more in less time and with less effort.

Initially, we will identify how you learn best and what your course entails. This information is used to produce an Example of an individual learning plan (ILP). This ILP focuses on areas of your learning you want to improve. We will then prioritise them depending on your course demands.

Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support covers:

  • Essays – decoding the assignment, planning, structuring, editing and proofreading skills
  • Revision – planning, finding resources, memory aides, exam techniques
  • Reading – techniques to make reading easier, reading for purpose, using assistive technology
  • Researching – demonstrating search engines, finding sources of information
  • Referencing – general guidance, using referencing software
  • Placement – reflection, professional practice, prioritising
  • Time management and organisational skills – breaking down tasks, meeting deadlines, work – life balance, using assistive technology

At the end of every session we will write a student support record. This acts a memory aid. It lists what we covered in the session and includes a “to do” list.

DSA usually recommend 1 hour per week for the duration of course. However, there is some flexibility depending on course demands and workload.