Our complaints procedure

We are always seeking ways to improve our service and welcome all feedback. Our feedback about the positive difference our 1:1 support and training courses can make can be found on our testimonials page, on LinkedIn and other social media.

Should you have a complaint please chat to us about it so we can put it right. If you are a student your tutor is the first person to talk to about your complaint and they value how you feel and will do their best to resolve any issues.

Most complaints are often due to miscommunication or a misunderstanding so talking to your tutor can help clarify any issues. Our team are all reflective practitioners and welcome ways to improve their practice and opportunity to resolve issues in partnership with you. That way we can reduce the chances of issues happening again. All team members have bi-monthly “tutor reviews” to share best practice, your feedback will be included in those reviews so we can continually improve.

You can find our contact details under Contact US on the right hand side of this page but we also welcome contact via text or Skype.


  1. This complaints procedure is intended as a means of facilitating resolution of issues in the event that service users of Diverse-Learners are dissatisfied with the support they receive.


  1. It is not intended as a legal framework or contract – however, it is our sincere intention at Diverse Learners to resolve service-user issues swiftly and impartially, in order to maintain and improve the support we offer.


  1. In the first instance, we encourage service users to informally raise issues regarding service with their tutor or mentor, so that they may be resolved through discussion.

A prolonged delay in raising issues may adversely affect their consideration/resolution.

  1. If issues cannot be resolved informally through discussion with the tutor or mentor, then the service user is encouraged to contact Kerry Pace – founder of Diverse Learners directly by phone (07947 325 849 / 01964 536596) or email Kerry@Diverse-learners.co.uk so that they may be resolved through discussion. If the complaint is regarding Kerry, please see step 3. If this has been explored then see step 5.


  1. If issues cannot be resolved informally through discussion with the tutor or mentor or Kerry Pace then service users are advised to formally raise a grievance, outlining the issue in writing to admin@Diverse-Learners.co.uk. At this stage, Diverse-Learners will appoint a team member to investigate the issue who is not directly delivering support for the service user.
  2. This appointed member will notify the service user that they are investigating the matter, and will endeavour to resolve it impartially. The investigating member may need to contact both parties involved in the issue, to discuss each side and consider any documentation or information relevant to resolution. The investigating member will contact the service user within 7 days of the issue being formally raised, and will notify them of the outcome.


  1. Should the service user remain unsatisfied with the outcome, Diverse Learners will appoint a Review Officer to reconsider the issue. The Review Officer (wherever possible external to Diverse-Learners, and from an associated professional body) will discuss it with both parties, and with the investigating member. The Review Officer will endeavour to notify all parties of their decision within 7 days. This decision is final.


  1. All study skills tutors are Quality Assured by the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in HE (aDShe) which also has a complaints procedure on their website – http://adshe.org.uk/about-adshe/complaints-procedure/               The section that relates to individual members of aDShe is number 3 “External complaints against an individual member of ADSHE”


  1. Diverse Learners have been a voluntary member of Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSAQAG) register since 2014. However, from April 2016 it will mandatory that providers of Non-Medical Helper support (study skill tutors and mentors) to be registered with DSAQAG scheme. As yet only feedback about access centres can be left on the site but a feedback scheme may be extended to providers of NMH support after that date. The current address is http://www.dsa-qag.org.uk/