The Diverse Learners Team

Team Ethos at Diverse Learners:

To guide your learning journey, through identifying individual learning styles, personalising strategies, and through the use of assistive technology so that you become a more efficient and effective learner, with confidence in your capabilities.

Specialist Study Skills Tuition
Kerry Pace

KerryI have worked for the last 27 years in a variety of roles, supporting students to access academic and vocational education – both in colleges and universities, and via distance learning (as an Open University graduate, I can empathise with the challenges and pressures of this method of learning). Having been identified as dyspraxic, I understand how – for many students – education can become a negative experience if their needs aren’t addressed, and this is why I am passionate about making the learning experience as positive as possible.

I encourage students to build on the strategies and techniques they know, and to develop new and different ones, giving them confidence to use their knowledge and skills in ways that work best for them. I work in partnership with students to enable them to do more, in less time, and with less stress and wasted energy.

Specialist Mentor
Andrew Pace

Over the last 27 years I have developed an extensive background in student support, in a wide variety of educational settings. I have supported students (many with mental health issues) in managing their learning and feeling more in control of their studies.
As a registered nurse, I have developed an empathetic approach to support, encouraging students to develop self-esteem and self-confidence, and manage their stress and anxiety through time-management and organisational strategies.

Specialist Study Skills Tuition
Michelle Sisson

I have 12 years of experience working with higher education students who have either a specific learning difficulty or a disability. My main area of expertise is with healthcare students; nurses, midwives, medical students, dieticians, nutritionists, operating department practitioners, social workers, physiotherapists.

I use a friendly, question, discussion and demonstration approach to support students throughout their studies, helping them to develop strategies to target their effort more effectively, and to achieve their potential.

I want you to be the best that you can be, but I also want you to have a life too!

As a qualified midwife myself, I am aware of the particular difficulties of working in a variety of clinical placement settings, and within different and difficult shift patterns. This background also enables me to recognise and suggest transferrable techniques from the academic to the clinical area, and vice versa.

Sonocent accredited trainer 2013

Assistive Technology Specialist
Jim Keane

I have spent my working life making technology easier and friendlier for people, either by supporting people whilst they learn something new, or by sharing an easier way of doing things.

I believe that technology should be there to help and support people, not form another barrier in their way, or be used just for its own sake.

Having worked with Assistive Technology for 21 years I have repeatedly seen the difference it has made to those who I have trained to use it. It is wonderful to support someone to the point that they can understand, not just how a piece of technology works, but how they will be able to use it to succeed in their studies and working life. The worst thing you can do with Assistive Technology is to never use it.

Sonocent accredited trainer 2013