Feeling uncomfortable – I have self-belief but does that mean I have self-worth?


Someone suggested I post this link to raise awareness about the National Diversity Awards  http://www.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/#/the-awards/4555185797 and suggest people nominate me

I have the self-belief that a nomination would be relevant and I know I would like to be nominated. I have even seen others do it on Twitter


The thought of self-promotion makes me cringe and I am feeling very British about it…I think

question if it is really my Britishness that makes me uncomfortable?

I have an awful feeling it is the lack of self-worth and self-esteem I have been plagued with all my life.  It is well documented that a lot of people who have been identified with a learning difference such as dyspraxia do have self esteem issues and often lack confidence in themselves and their abilities.

I know I give others a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence and it is something I am proud of, indeed I am  passionate about being able to give that gift to others

I find compliments make me feel uncomfortable. I have been taught (by my husband, Andrew) to accept them and say thank you  but squirm and break eye contact

they feed me and drive me on and make me believe I am good at what I do. SO THANK YOU (genuinely) for the compliments

I prefer them by email

You might want to email the National Diversity Awards instead – see the link below for the nomination categories.


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