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The child isn’t lazy, he’s dyslexic

When I was at school I was told I was obviously bright, but lazy and didn’t try hard enough. I was told this again and again throughout all my years in school. The teachers told my parents this and convinced them of it too. If everyone you know and trust tells you something, tells you […]

Eat Cake in Your PJs

We invite you to Eat cake in your PJ’s!       #EatCakeInPJs Richard Branson says “Being different is good”, and this has inspired Diverse Learners to stage a unique event that includes the first screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia in the North of England at Hull University Business School on 16th October, to raise awareness […]

Assistive Technology is just Technology

The team at Diverse Learners all strongly believe that utilising technology is for many learners the gateway to increased productivity, empowerment and  independence that then results in increased confidence and self-belief. Jim always says he could not function without his iphone and all the apps. The technology enables him to sync everything up so he […]

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We provide online, face-to-face support for students with a wide variety of needs. Many students face difficulties at different times during their studies. This may be due to a lack of confidence or low self-esteem, lack of learning strategies, difficulties with time management and organisational skills or life events. These learning needs could be due […]

Question – making it easier to contact us?

When creating the Diverse-Learners website Jim (one of Diverse Learners Assistive Technology trainers) and I wanted to build our website with accessibility functions. This was so the website would function with software and settings people use to make reading from the internet easier. We have even made a mobile phone version of the website so […]

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Gibb’s Reflective Cycle mindmap created – the benefits of Assisitive Technology training sessions

This mind map  shows one student’s interpretation of  Gibb’s Reflective Cycle and was designed by the student as a template so it can be used on all placements to aid them complete their CAP (nursing) document / reflective log. It was produced during a 1 hour support session with one of  the Assistive Technology Trainers at […]

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GCSE’s extra time – a mixed blessing

I recently posted on my Facebook page that my daughter broke down in tears during her GCSE  exam last week. Responses to that post got me thinking rather than ranting…well ranting less and inspired this blog. I was shocked to find out that on the morning of the exam the school had timetabled TWO last […]

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Feeling uncomfortable – I have self-belief but does that mean I have self-worth?

  Someone suggested I post this link to raise awareness about the National Diversity Awards and suggest people nominate me I have the self-belief that a nomination would be relevant and I know I would like to be nominated. I have even seen others do it on Twitter BUT The thought of self-promotion makes me cringe and I am […]

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New voices for text-to-speech software

There are some new voices for people who use text-to-speech software to read text aloud. It is FREE and works on both Mac and Windows. One of the new voices includes a Scottish voice called Heather. I spent all of my childhood in Scotland so this voice feels like home to me.There is a welsh voice too. […]

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