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My favourite Period Tracker, getting reminders about when my period is due, or when I might be experiencing PMS makes managing my period so much easier. The depth in which you can log your symptoms and receive details about what regularly occurs during your periods, anywhere from cycle length, variation or the effects on your mind and body make remembering and getting through periods so much easier, especially when you are neurodivergent.

A screenshot of a phone. It says your current cycle at the top of the page. In the middle of the page is a hollow circle with the words today, Oct 11, 13 more days until next period, potential fertile day. Around the semi-circle it has a red bit at the top then followed by a grey part and then a blue and a grey part again which shows the cycle of the period. At the very bottom of the page are tabs which say cycle, calendar, track, analysis and content.
A screenshot of a phone. At the top the heading your typical cycles. Underneath this are 3 hollow circles with the headings cycle length, cycle variation and period length. Below the middle of the circles say 31 days, 16.0 days and 5 days. At the very bottom of the page are tabs which say cycle, calendar, track, analysis and content.
A screenshot of a phone. At the top the heading your cycle history, directly underneath this are labelled icons. The first is a red blob labelled period, the second an icon of a calendar labelled day, the third a white cloud labelled PMS, the next a light blue circle with a small dark blue circle at the top of it called ovulation and lastly a dark blue blob called fertile window. Under this is a heading 2023, under this are subheadings current cycle 22 Sep - 23 Oct, 24 days 29 Aug- 21 Sep, 40 days 20 Jul - 28 Aug. Under each show at the beginning the red period blob, a grey part,  blue part with a blue circle representing ovulation in the middle and followed again by a grey part.
A screenshot of a calendar on a phone. There are 2 calendars, the one at the top represents the previous cycle in September and the bottom one the current cycle in October. The dates 3rd-9th September are marked dark blue. The dates 22nd-26th September are marked red. The dates 5th-11th October are marked light blue and the 11th October is highlighted as it was the current date.
A screenshot of a phone. There are 4 headings period, spotting, feelings and pain. Underneath each of these headings are icons. Under period there are icons for light, medium, heavy and super heavy. Under spotting, red and brown. Under feelings, mood swings, not in control, happy and sad.

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